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While discussing the NRAAM with our team last week, I realized we had quite a few inquires regarding our line of S&W Victory parts. After all, the S&W Victory 22 LR is a great pistol that's a ton of fun to shoot. Lets take a minute to look at a few of the upgrades we offer for the Victory.

The S&W Victory pistol was introduced several yes back and since that time there has been several different models made. This has led to questions as to which of our parts will fit which model.

First the good news, both our I-Fluted Stainless Steel and Lightweight Carbon Fiber barrels will fit all current models. The same goes for our Exact Edge Extractor.

SW Victory I-Fluted BarrelSpeaking of barrels, there has been some confusion online as to whether or not our barrels are the ones featured on the Performance Center model and although they are similar in appearance they are not the same barrel. Our barrels were released in conjunction with the original Victory back in December 2015 but are not the same barrels as recently introduced on the Performance Center model.

So now for the not so good news. Unfortunately our Laminated Wood Grips will not fit the new Performance Center model without a little work. This model requires the magazine release be retrofitted with the original Victory magazine release.

Take a look at our entire line of S&W Victory parts here.

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