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It's the little things

2018-04-04 by Scott Volquartsen

How to Prep for a Big Match

Cole on podium

If there is one thing that I have learned from talking and working with some of the best competitive shooters in the world, it is that the most successful shooters start preparing for a match long before the actual event. There is more to competing at the highest levels than just showing up on match day.

After his success this past weekend finishing first in rimfire rifle, second…

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Have you seen this?

2018-03-07 by Scott Volquartsen

Fun with a 22 LR at 300 yards


If you start talking 300 yard precision with a 22 LR be prepared to receive a few funny looks and a lot of doubt thrown your way. However, organizations such as the NRL22, the Lapua Rimfire Practical Rimfire Challenge, and others have started to showcase what a 22 LR can do out to 300 yards. It is very impressive watching what these shooters can do…

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Are you ready?

2018-02-14 by Scott Volquartsen

Shooter Ready?

Kolby Pavlock

It's hard to believe, but the 2018 competitive shooting season is upon us. The beginning of the season always brings excitement and anticipation with it.

If you haven't tried comptition shooting, I would highly recommend it. For those of you that have not participated, it's hard to describe the family-type atmosphere that takes place during the course of a match. Much more than just shooting that takes place. It's about making friends, promoting…

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