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Get a Grip on your Ruger MK IV!

2017-06-22 by Scott Volquartsen

Get a Grip

Better balance, more control - is there a shooter that doesn't want that? "This pistol is too well-balanced" or "I wish I had less control with these grips" is something I've never heard on a range.

Target Grips for Ruger MK IV

So much in shooting comes down to the grip and how well the pistol feels to you, the shooter. Our new Laminated Wood Grips for the Ruger MK IV gives you both - better balance and…

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Happy Father's Day!

2017-06-15 by Scott Volquartsen

Happy Father's Day

Do you remember when you were introduced to the shooting world? For many of us, our first introduction to firearms came from our father. Whether it was that first BB gun, first .22 rifle, first .410 shotgun, first trip to the range or even the first hunt you went on - there is a good chance it was with your Dad.

As a kid, I grew up with firearms all around me…

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Free Shipping on Apparel

2017-06-12 by Joe Francis


Pull the trigger on your favorite new items for men and women

Introducing our new line of bullet logo apparel, which joins our classic VC logo gear. View it all in the online store, get your favorites for the summer – and pick up a Scorpion 22 LR while you're there to have the ultimate in shooting precision.



The Under Armour VC quarter-zip pullover – for men and women

Lightweight Under Armour tech fabric…

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