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Update from Volquartsen on the Ruger MK IV Recall

2017-06-08 by Scott Volquartsen

Update on Ruger MK IV Recall

As many of you already know, there has been a recent recall on the Ruger MK IV. The complete recall notice can be found here. This recall has brought with it a lot of questions in regard to how this affects those of you that have already installed our trigger components such as our MK IV Accurizing Kit.

In the testing we have done with the frames…

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No time to wait?

2017-06-06 by Scott Volquartsen


Customers call us regularly to find out what rifles and pistols we have on hand. As a manufacturer, we do not stock any of our firearms. Each firearm is built to order, and we ship them out just as fast as we can make them. Due to our wide range of custom options, it would be impossible for us to keep every product in stock anyway. This is why we chose to build each gun…

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Which lightweight option is best for you?

2017-05-15 by Scott Volquartsen

Lightweight, Superlite, and Ultralite

What's the difference and which one is right for you? All three rifles are based on very similar barrel technology, so let's take a look at what's the same and where they differ.

ultralite rifle

First, let's look at how they're similar. All three are 16.5" in length and have a .920" bull barrel diameter with a 1:16" twist. The lightweight THM tension design is the original "lightweight bull barrel" that we built…

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