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Loaded compensator?

2016-05-11 by Scott Volquartsen

Don't Forget to Clean Your Compensator!

Team Volquartsen Shooter Cheyenne Dalton

Nic Volquartsen,Vice-President of Volquartsen Firearms

Have you ever had a compensator or muzzle break that was impossible to get clean? We’ve had a few come through the shop that you wouldn’t believe a bullet could still exit through it. Once they get to that level, they are no longer effective and become nearly impossible to get clean. This is what we refer to as…

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VC Target Frames


"I see pictures online of different colored VC Target Frames but I don't see them on your website so how can I order one?"

You may have come across a red, blue or maybe even a pink frame pictured online. These are all colors we offered at one time on our frames. Unfortunately, they are not currently an option and a lot of customers would like to know why.

These were Type III Hard Anodized…

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What Volquartsen barrel do you choose? I-Fluted or Carbon Fiber


Most of you have already purchased the Smith & Wesson® Victory pistol, or it's on your must have list for this year. So, the question left to answer is what Volquartsen barrel do you choose? The I-Fluted SS Barrel with Forward Blow Comp or the Carbon Fiber Lightweight with Thread Protector.

I-Fluted with Forward Blow Comp This barrel features our unique i-fluting pattern that reduces weight, increases rigidity and increases heat dissipation.

Carbon Fiber This…

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