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At Volquartsen Firearms, we've put the latest manufacturing technology in the hands of master craftsmen to build the finest rifles, pistols and accessories available. As you know, in 2015 there were new products, building expansion, and an updated logo along with our company name. Our focus is on continually improving our products, customer service, and ways to help you become a better shooter. To do this, we would like you to fill out this quick…

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Which ammo should I use?

2015-11-18 by Scott Volquartsen

Rimfire Ammunition Recommendations

What type of ammo do you recommend? This is one question we receive daily. Please keep in mind these are only suggestions based on what we have found through our testing. We will continue to experiment with any and all ammo. We are always looking for an improvement no matter how small it is. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any ammo questions or concerns you may have for any…

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Exact Edge Extractor List is Growing!

2015-11-05 by Scott Volquartsen

New for the S&W M&P15-22!##

Our Exact Edge Extractor has been one of our hottest selling accessories for the past few years. It has been so popular that we have expanded our line to offer this part for numerous rimfire firearms.

We are proud to introduce the latest offering in this line up - the Exact Edge Extractor for the S&W M&P 15-22. This part has is made from the same Wire EDM process as…

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