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We had to prove him wrong.

2019-06-05 by Scott Volquartsen

Don't Sleep on the 22 WMR Cartridge


"You are never going to get it to shoot accurately and furthermore you'll never get it to function!"

It has been more than 20 years but I remember it almost like it was yesterday. It was SHOT Show 1997 and in passing had mentioned to an "industry guy" that we were working on a semi-auto 22 WMR rifle and the response we received is something I will never…

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Dare to be Different!

2019-05-28 by Scott Volquartsen

Dare to be Different

Kolby WSSCKolby Pavlock competing at the World Steel Shoot Championship

I recently heard somebody say "live life through the lens of possibility not probability" and it resonated with me. As a company, we are always trying to overcome what others say can't be done.

In an effort to go faster rimfire rifle steel shooters are always looking to go lighter. It's always been believed lighter equals faster.

Four-time reigning rimfire world champion…

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Why You Should Be Competing This Summer!

2019-05-16 by Chad Wittrock

Why You Should Be Competing This Summer


"I need a little more practice."

"I need to wait until I am in a position to buy that new pistol."

If you are waiting for the perfect time to try something new you'll be waiting for a long time. We tell ourselves excuses of why now isn't the right time but far too often it's nothing more than an excuse. It's the fear of being uncomfortable or…

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