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Kolby WSSC

Dare to be Different!

2019-05-28 by Scott Volquartsen
Dare to be Different Kolby Pavlock competing at the World Steel Shoot Championship I recently heard somebody say "live life through the lens of possibility not probability" and it resonated with me. As a company, we are always trying to overcome what others say can't be done. In an effort to go faster rimfire rifle steel shooters are always looking ...

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Why You Should Be Competing This Summer!

2019-05-16 by Chad Wittrock
Why You Should Be Competing This Summer "I need a little more practice." "I need to wait until I am in a position to buy that new pistol." If you are waiting for the perfect time to try something new you'll be waiting for a long time. We tell ourselves excuses of why now isn't the right time but far ...

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Customize your S&W Victory

2019-05-07 by Scott Volquartsen
Customize your S&W Victory While discussing the NRAAM with our team last week, I realized we had quite a few inquires regarding our line of S&W Victory parts. After all, the S&W Victory 22 LR is a great pistol that's a ton of fun to shoot. Lets take a minute to look at a few of the upgrades we offer ...

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Recoil Buffer

Redesigned for the Ruger 10/22

2019-05-01 by Scott Volquartsen
Fixing it when it's not broken You've always been told "if it's not broke, don't fix it!" I disagree - what good ever comes from standing around being complacent? Our mantra is "build it better" and as I have discussed before this applies to each and every part we manufacture. Our Recoil Buffer for the 10/22 is no different. We ...

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Here's How It All Began - Part 2

2019-05-01 by Chad Wittrock
As we mentioned last week, it's incredible to think that 2019 marks our 45th year. If you missed the first part of our story, click here and you can catch up. When we left off Dad had just had the honor of being featured on the cover of American Handgunner and was spending time working on all makes and models ...

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