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Scorpion 22 WMR Video Review

2018-09-17 by Scott Volquartsen

22 Plinkster Reviews the Scorpion 22 WMR!

22Plinkster with 22 WMR Scorpion

Finally, a video review of the 22 WMR Scorpion! Many of you have asked to see this pistol in action, and now you can.

22 Plinkster has just released his in-depth review of his Scorpion 22 WMR. This video covers function testing with ammo from 35 grain all the way up to 50 grain. It also covers accuracy testing out to 100 yards!

I mentioned in a previous

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Have You Tried These Easy Fixes?

2018-09-11 by Scott Volquartsen

Simple Fixes


Do you over complicate things that are sometimes simple? If so, we have a lot in common as I will over analyze the simplest things.

As I get older though I am finding it doesn't always have to be so complicated. This also applies to troubleshooting firearms.

There are a few questions we ask to help isolate the issue with a malfunctioning firearm.

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Extraction Problems?

2018-09-05 by Scott Volquartsen

Extraction Problems?

Cheyenne 2017 Worlds

Do you own one of these firearms?

If so, have you experienced extraction problems?

I'm not sure about you, but one of my biggest aggravations at the range is the dreaded failure to extract (FTE). It can take a relaxing day at the range and completely turn it upside down. The FTE can take on…

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