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Lessons from the Range

2019-02-20 by Scott Volquartsen

Katie Pavlich's Lessons From The Range Part 1

Katie PavlichFor the last few years we've been honored to work with conservative commentator, 2nd Amendment advocate, and author Katie Pavlich. Katie has been a contributing editor to Townhall Magazine, a Fox News contributor, alternate co-host for The Five, a Washington fellow for National Review, and has appeared on local and national radio for numerous channels. Katie has also authored two books: Fast and Fast and Furious: Barack…

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Insights of a World Champion

2019-02-15 by Scott Volquartsen

Insights of a World Champion

Kolby Banner

If you've followed the shooting sports in any capacity over the last few years, you've undoubtedly heard the name Kolby Pavlock. Kolby primarily shoots rimfire challenge and USPSA. Last October, Kolby was able to defend his Rimfire Challenge World Championship for the fourth straight year, narrowly edging out teammate Cole Busch.

With the kick off to the 2019 season quickly approaching, we decided to ask Kolby a few questions so…

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Introducing TG9 Trigger Group for Ruger PC9

2019-02-08 by Scott Volquartsen

TG9 Mailer Graphic

"How soon can I get one?"

"Wow, I need one!"

"Shooting the PC9 just got a lot more fun!"


Those are just a few of the reactions as we kicked off SHOT Show 2019 with the introduction of our TG9 trigger group for the Ruger PC9. It received high praise each time the trigger was pulled. The TG9 garnered attention from carbine enthusiasts as well as competition shooters, all of whom commented on the crisp…

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