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Help! Which kit do I need?

2015-03-16 by Scott Volquartsen

I can’t tell you how many times I hear this question “Which kit do I order to eliminate the magazine disconnect from my Ruger® MKIII?”

There seems to be a lot of confusion on how to do this. Let’s put that to rest.

Our Accurizing Kit for…

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Fun for the whole family!

2015-03-31 by Scott Volquartsen

Are you familiar with the NSSF Rimfire Challenge?

We recently renewed our silver level sponsorship of the NSSF Rimfire Challenge. You can read the press release from the NSSF here.

Greyson Lee

If you haven't been to a NSSF Rimfire Challenge event before I would strongly encourage you…

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We are Expanding!!

2015-04-29 by Scott Volquartsen

We are excited to announce that we expanding our manufacturing capacity. Back in 2012, we put an addition onto our current facility that we thought would give us plenty of room for growth. Needless to say, we were shocked with how fast it filled up with new equipment.

It was…

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Tiger Striped Scorpion

2015-10-08 by Scott Volquartsen

Volquartsen Scorpion with Tiger Stripe Finish

The Scorpion is the ultimate lightweight target pistol. It's extremely accurate with exceptional balance - a true performer!

Key features include:

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How to clean your Volquartsen barrel?

2015-10-09 by Scott Volquartsen

What is the recommended way to clean a Volquartsen barrel?

This is a question that comes up over and over in emails, forums and over the phone. We will try and clear things up on how we recommend cleaning our barrels.

There are all sorts of methods that we have…

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Pistol Competition Kit for the Ruger MKII and MKIII

2015-10-29 by Scott Volquartsen

Where do I start?

There are a lot of new shooters and a lot of experienced shooters that are getting into competitive pistol shooting. For some it is indoor bullseye, others it might be rimfire steel events such as the NSSF Rimfire Challenge. We have a lot of shooters…

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Exact Edge Extractor List is Growing!

2015-11-05 by Scott Volquartsen

New for the S&W M&P15-22!

Our Exact Edge Extractor has been one of our hottest selling accessories for the past few years. It has been so popular that we have expanded our line to offer this part for numerous rimfire firearms.

We are proud to introduce the latest offering in…

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Which ammo should I use?

2015-11-18 by Scott Volquartsen

Rimfire Ammunition Recommendations

What type of ammo do you recommend? This is one question we receive daily. Please keep in mind these are only suggestions based on what we have found through our testing. We will continue to experiment with any and all ammo. We are always looking for an…

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Tell us what you think!

2016-02-03 by

At Volquartsen Firearms, we've put the latest manufacturing technology in the hands of master craftsmen to build the finest rifles, pistols and accessories available. As you know, in 2015 there were new products, building expansion, and an updated logo along with our company name. Our focus is on continually improving…

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What Volquartsen barrel do you choose? I-Fluted or Carbon Fiber

2016-03-08 by

Most of you have already purchased the Smith & Wesson® Victory pistol, or it's on your must have list for this year. So, the question left to answer is what Volquartsen barrel do you choose? The I-Fluted SS Barrel with Forward Blow Comp or the Carbon Fiber Lightweight with Thread…

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VC Target Frames

2016-04-11 by

"I see pictures online of different colored VC Target Frames but I don't see them on your website so how can I order one?"

You may have come across a red, blue or maybe even a pink frame pictured online. These are all colors we offered at one time on…

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Picatinny Style Rail

2016-06-13 by

We are excited to announce that we have gone away from Weaver style mounts in favor of Picatinny rails.

Why Picatinny?
The industry has moved towards Picatinny Mil-Spec rails over the past few years. This change allows the shooter to have more mounting options. Whether it is a red dot…

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