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Rimfire Ammunition Recommendations

What type of ammo do you recommend? This is one question we receive daily. Please keep in mind these are only suggestions based on what we have found through our testing. We will continue to experiment with any and all ammo. We are always looking for an improvement no matter how small it is. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any ammo questions or concerns you may have for any Volquartsen product.

First up is the 22 LR. It seems like the easy answer to this for the past couple of years would be "any 22 LR ammo you can find." This seems to be improving though - not as fast as we all would like but it does seem to be getting better.

The Wolf 22 LR Target has proven to be the most accurate 22 LR ammo we have tested. This includes the more expensive match ammo. This hold true for both our rifle and pistol barrels. If you haven't tried this ammo yet, I would definitely give it a try. There are only a few that we don't recommend. It is a common myth that our barrels do not handle high or hyper velocity rounds. This is not the case but there are a few rounds we do not recommend and this is due to the actual size of the round. These are BVAC, ArmsCor and CCI Stingers.

Next up is the 22 WMR. It doesn't seem all that long ago that is was a common belief that this caliber was just not accurate. We were out to change that with the introduction of our semi-auto 22 WMR in 1997. It seems that the ammunition companies were out to do the same. It was soon after that we started to see several new 22 WMR rounds released. The results were awesome! Improved muzzle velocities, more energy and best of all improved accuracy!!

We have our best results shooting the Winchester Supreme 34 grain. This has proven itself both on the range and in the field. Most 22 WMR will function without issue through our rifles. We do try and stay away from the 45 grain Critical Defense Round from Hornady. This is a great round however just not designed for our rifles.

How about the 17 HMR? We have done more testing on this round over the last 10 years than any other. The only ammo we recommend is either Winchester 17 grain 17 HMR or the CCI A17. We do not recommend the 20 grain 17 HMR through our rifles.

Our recommendations would not be complete without discussing the world's fastest rimfire - the 17 Winchester SuperMag. For those of you that might not be familiar with this round yet it produces 3,000 fps from a 20 grain rimfire round. As we developed our semi-auto 17 WSM we were able to test thousands of rounds in both the 20 and 25 grain. Both have exceeded our expectations but we would give the slight accuracy edge to the 25 grain polymer tip.

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