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Most of you have already purchased the Smith & Wesson® Victory pistol, or it's on your must have list for this year. So, the question left to answer is what Volquartsen barrel do you choose? The I-Fluted SS Barrel with Forward Blow Comp or the Carbon Fiber Lightweight with Thread Protector.

I-Fluted with Forward Blow Comp This barrel features our unique i-fluting pattern that reduces weight, increases rigidity and increases heat dissipation.

Carbon Fiber This barrel uses the same technology as our carbon fiber tension rifle barrels. Its unique design provides the shooter with increased accuracy at a much lighter weight than a standard bull barrel.

We've shot a lot of things, but the most fun and addictive are those metal targets that give an audible ting, bong, or clang when hit. Steel targets are also one of the most useful training aids a shooter can have at his/her disposal. There are many companies out there selling steel targets, but none of them will compare to the quality of our VCT-PKG-500-A Targets & Target Stand Kit. We teamed up with BEST Targets to design and manufacture these premium steel targets for rimfire shooters.

In case you missed it, we started a Facebook group about a month ago. This group is for you to talk to other Volquartsen enthusiasts and share your best shot, worst shot and everything in between. Join us in our group or on any of our social media channels to keep the conversation going.

Volquartsen Logo
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