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Don't Forget to Clean Your Compensator!

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Nic Volquartsen,Vice-President of Volquartsen Firearms

Have you ever had a compensator or muzzle break that was impossible to get clean? We’ve had a few come through the shop that you wouldn’t believe a bullet could still exit through it. Once they get to that level, they are no longer effective and become nearly impossible to get clean. This is what we refer to as a "loaded" compensator.

So how can you prevent that from happening? It’s simple, really, the more often you clean your compensator, the easier it is to keep clean.

Regular maintenance will prevent the hassle of dealing with a loaded compensator. We recommend using either Slip 2000 Carbon Killer or a homemade mixture of one part white vinegar, one part hydrogen peroxide. If you do this regularly, it will dissolve the buildup before it becomes a problem.

If you have neglected your compensator and it has become "fully loaded" you have a few options to try:

  1. You can throw it away and install a new one (this doesn't seem to be a customer favorite though).
  2. Soak overnight, chip away, repeat for a few days until it is all removed.
  3. If you have the proper tools, you can drill out the lead and break it free that way.

As you can see, regular maintenance will make your life much easier.

On the topic of compensators, one other question (other than cleaning recommendations) that we get all the time is "why a compensator on a rimfire?"

We are in agreement that rimfires have very little recoil to start with, however we have found our compensators are extremely efficient at controlling what little muzzle rise there is and that allows you to get back on your second shot faster. This can not only improve scores in competitions, but can also allow you to get that second shot off in the field faster with more precision.

We offer a complete line of compensators (all threaded models are 1/2 x 28) for various barrel diameters. Models are available for .860", .875", .920" and 1". Not sure which one you need for your firearm? Shoot us an email and we will be glad to help.

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