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Do you live in a state that does not allow you to own a threaded barrel? While we wish every customer had this option, unfortunately, many of you do not.

Many customers are unaware all of our barrels can be ordered without threads. When placing your order online simply note “non-threaded barrel” in the notes section or let our sales staff know you prefer no threads when placing a phone order. This option applies to all barrels, pistols, and uppers. There is no extra charge to remove the threads. Removing threads will eliminate the option to have a compensator, including on our LLV as well as Scorpion.

Live in a state that allows threaded barrels but yours is not threaded? No problem, send your non-threaded barrel to our facility and our highly skilled machinists will thread your barrel. For $65 plus return shipping, we will thread your barrel and supply a thread protector. The standard thread size is ½ x 28, which will accommodate most suppressors and compensators. We offer several other threaded options as well. We are currently only threading non-tapered, bull barrels.

Like we said, no threads-no problem!

Please note: we are no longer offering compensators that are pinned and welded.

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