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Do you own a Ruger MKIII?

All good things come to and end and the Ruger MKIII and MKIII 22/45 target pistol is no different. It was originally introduced in 2004 as the next iteration in the Ruger MK series of pistols. As most of you know it was replaced by the Ruger MK IV in 2016. Has it really already been over 3 years?

Accurizing Kit for MKIII, BlackOne thing has stayed consistent as we have moved from the Ruger MKII to MKIII, and now the Ruger MK IV, and that is our Accurizing Kit. This kit has evolved over the years, but its purpose has not: provide the shooter with a crisp, clean 2.25 lb trigger pull. This drop-in kit comes complete with our precision line of parts including our Target Hammer, Target Sear, Target Trigger, Extended Bolt Release, and Trigger Return Spring with Polished Plunger. The trigger features adjustable pretravel and overtravel screws. This kit is a must for any rimfire shooter.

We have made the decision to discontinue several of our Ruger MKIII products including the popular Accurizing Kit for the MKIII. That means it's your chance to save on our remaining inventory of these kits.

This kit is designed for the Ruger MKIII and will leave the magazine disconnect feature intact.

It seems some confusion still exist as to exactly which trigger kits would fit the Ruger MKIII and which kit would remove the magazine disconnect feature on this pistol. We published an article several years ago in hopes of clearing this up that you can find here.

Not comfortable installing the kit yourself? Click here and we can take care of the installation.

Our Accurizing Kits for both the Ruger MKII (will also fit the MKIII) and MK IV will continue to be available. The only kit that is being discontinued is the kit specific to the MKIII that would leave the magazine disconnect in its factory configuration.

Once these kits are gone, they're gone, so if you've always wanted to improve your Ruger MKIII trigger now is the time. Get your order placed today and take advantage of clearance pricing.

Clearance Spotlight

From time to time, we have blemished, discontinued, and used items available on clearance. Shop fast, quantities are limited.
To see our full selection of clearance items, visit our clearance page.

Accurizing Kit, MKIII, Black $61

Accurizing Kit for MKIII, Black

The Bare Bones $25

Clearance Upper

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