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Volthane Grip for the Ruger® MK IV™!

MK IV Volthane Grips

It's no secret that great shooting starts with your grip.

Superior performance comes from the perfect combination of comfort, functionality, and durability.

Volthane MK IV Grips

Featuring an aggressive no-slip diamond checkering, our new Volthane Grip for the Ruger® MK IV™ are made from a proprietary material designed to withstand the elements as well as hold up to moisture, gun oils, and cleaners.

Our unique one piece design offers an improved fit that accommodates most hand sizes.

The thumbrest, heelrest, and finger grooves are all carefully designed to provide you more control of the Ruger® MK IV™ pistol.

I'm Ready For Superior Performance!

Our Volthane Grips are currently not compatible with the 22/45™.

Volthane Grips are only available in a right-handed model.

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