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Success or Fulfillment?

In life we often think it is success that we are searching for, when in fact, it could actually be fulfillment that truly makes us happy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking success. However, many times we link success to money or other tangible accomplishments that we can measure. Fulfillment is something completely different and something not easily quantified.

When I was younger, my belief was with success comes fulfillment. Over time I realized that's not the case. For me, becoming a father and raising my children has highlighted the subtle differences between the two.

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Success may allow a person to buy their kids everything they want and more, but fatherhood is so much deeper than that.

It's about sharing experiences. Irreplaceable moments between a Dad and his kids resulting in a lifetime of memories.

As a kid, spending time on a range with my father is one of those treasured moments. I've since been able to create those same memories with own kids. If I were to ask you the about the first time you shot a gun, regardless of how long ago that may have been, I'd bet you still have memories of that day. The same can be said for the first time you were able to pass that knowledge onto your children.

In the distracted world we live in, it's rare that we get to receive or give undivided attention but a Sunday afternoon on the range is one of those cherished times! It's those moments that make the father/son or father/daughter relationship truly unique.

Whether it's shooting on a range, fishing on a lake, teaching your son or daughter to throw a ball, or anything in between the result will still be the same - fulfillment. I will take that any day over success.

When the campfire is lit, these are the stories that our children will tell theirs.

Have a great Father's Day weekend!

Scott Volquartsen
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