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22Plinkster - Taking A Chance On Yourself

It’s easy to see where somebody is now and say “it must be nice” but there’s always more to the story. It’s all the time spent working for little or no money, the hours spent when nobody is watching, and that willingness to take a chance on yourself and Dave’s story is no different.

22plinster No Excuse To Miss

Episode 6 of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast is out! I sit down with 22Plinkster to talk about how his YouTube channel started with shooting one video for a friend to now having over 700k subscribers.

When did he know it was time to walk away from his previous career and go all-in on his channel?

Check out Episode 6 of the No Excuse To Miss Podcast to find out!

The No Excuse To Miss podcast can be found on most streaming platforms including:

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