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Common Questions About Our Extractors

Nothing can ruin a fun day of shooting faster than having to repeatedly clear spent casings that have stovepiped. Yes, the Exact Edge Extractors is a relatively small and inexpensive part, however given the number of questions we receive on this part shows how important it is.

"I just received my extractor and it appears there is a defect in machining on it. Is it supposed to look this way?"

Highlighted extractor

We receive this question more than any other. What are they referring to? There is a small radius that we machine on the bottom edge of each of our extractors (shown in picture above). At first glance, it may look like a defect as it looks completely different than anything found on the factory part.

The good news is - it's supposed to be there and is an additional step we take to improve the design of the part.

We intentionally machine this area on all of our Exact Edge Extractors for the MKII, MKIII, MK IV, and 10/22. This "beveled edge" machined onto the extractor improves feeding and reliability. It will eliminate any issues with the bottom edge of the extractor catching on the next round as it feeds up from the magazine.

"What spring do I use?"

Up until recently we included a replacement spring with our Exact Edge Extractors which led to this question. As of July 15, 2021 we decided to no longer include a spring with the extractor. The factory dimension on this spring varies dependent on production year leading to not only confusion on which spring to use but potential functioning issues.

*"What is different about your extractor?"

All of our Exact Edge Extractors are wire EDM cut from A2 tool steel. We have tested different metals (including titanium) and have found the A2 tool steel to perform the best. The hardness we are able to achieve along with the changes in geometry will eliminate FTEs in most cases.

We are so confident in our extractors being manufactured through this process that they come with a lifetime warranty.

Not only do we offer the extractor for the above mentioned Ruger firearms but we also offer a complete line of extractors for the following:

Stop being frustrated with failures to extract, and order your Exact Edge Extractor today!

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