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A few years ago, Scott Volquartsen stepped onto a range in Florida for a two-day event. It was hot, and it was humid. Determined to give the event's nearly 400 participants (and 65 sponsors) a range day they wouldn't soon forget, he began setting up and soon realized he had forgotten something crucial to the success of any good range day, magazine loaders.

Maglula Mag Loaders

Not to be deterred, there were magazines to load. Accounts vary, but after loading over 5000 rounds (he seems to think it's closer to 10,000) over the two-day event, he has made it a rule that a mag loader is the first thing to be packed in the range bag.

The range can be such an incredible time and made even better with items such as:

Outfit your range bag today!

Chad Wittrock

ps. Scott's thumbs did fully recover.

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