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What's In Your Range Bag?

Preview of: What's In Your Range Bag?

What do you need in your range bag? The answer obviously differs whether you're a spectator, hobby shooter, competitor, or even a seasoned competitor. Team Volquartsen shooter Kolby Pavlock dives into his range bag and provides insights into the key items you'll want in your range bag.

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The Art of Hand-Engraving

Melissa McMinn

In some ways, hand-engraving may seem like a lost art. However, with talented master engravers like Melissa McMinn hand-engraving will not only live on but advance. In this episode of No Excuse to Miss Melissa and Scott discuss the process of hand-engraving and where the artform is headed. They touch on how intricate hand-engraving is when compared to other finishes and just how much work is involved in creating a truly elaborate piece.

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