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The Raptor Laminated Stock

Raptor stock gray SF-1

The Raptor is the latest addition to our line of 10/22® and 10/22® magnum laminated stocks! The Raptor stock features a lower cheekpiece to allow you to get down as low as possible on the rifle. This is especially important for rimfire steel shooters who typically mount their sights as low to the bore axis as possible.

The Raptor stock also features a vertical pistol grip. This grip has the thumb positioned more upright and does not wrap around like it would on a thumbhole or sporter-style stock. There is a pressure point for the barrel in the forend with the remainder free floating.

These stocks are CNC machined and hand fit. The fit, finish and tolerances on these stocks is superior to any other laminated wood stock on the market. This stock was originally designed by Dan Hawkins of Hawk Tech Arms.

The weight of the Raptor stock is approximately 2 lb 6 oz., with a 14" length of pull, and is available in six color options.

Check out the video below for more information!

Preview of: Raptor Laminated Stock

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Product Spotlight

Raptor Stock $386

Raptor Stock - Green

Laminated Thumbhole Silhouette Stock $386

Red/Black Thumbhole Silhouette

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