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Downrange Seasoning Collaboration

Downrange Seasoning Tacticalories Collaboration

Downrange Cajun Blackening Seasoning has arrived! We're big fans of what the crew over at Tacticalories has been doing to bring sauces and seasonings to another level. This collaboration has been over a year in the making and we're very excited for you to check it out. We had the rough job of sampling different blends as Casey and his team fine tuned it into this incredible final product.

Built for the sear! Downrange is here to take that surf & turf sear up a notch. This is a small-batch seasoning blend, made with premium ingredients, and freshly ground using Tacticalories unique "fresh-to-death" methods. This bold but balanced seasoning is sure to up your grill game!

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Bonus Recipe!

Our 2023 Retail catalog will begin shipping next month, and will feature a unique recipe using the Downrange seasoning.

Fill out this form to be be mailed a copy of our new catalog so you can check out the recipe for Cajun Crab Cakes with Remoulade.

Leading A Flavor Cult

Casey Bard Tacticalories Episode 34 No Excuse To Miss

We've also had the pleasure of talking with Tacticalories founder, Casey Bard in episode 34 of the No Excuse To Miss podcast. Casey joins Scott Volquartsen to discuss his background, building the Tacticalories brand, and leading the flavor cult.

Tune in here!

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