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Adam Renno's Success In Competitive Shooting

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A few weeks ago, I hosted one of our Team Volquartsen shooters, Adam Renno.

Adam has had a lot of success over the past year, and after visiting with him, it's easy to see why.

The first thing that struck me was his willingness to share information back and forth with other shooters. Too often, competitors operate from a scarcity mindset and are afraid that if they give up too much info, it will be used against them. I am aware in competition, just like in business, certain things are proprietary and need to stay that way, but we also do ourselves a disservice by not sharing.

Knowledge will only go so far. Applying that knowledge is the separator.

Another thing he talked about was having a practice partner to push him. Whether you are on the range, running a business, or in the gym, competition is a good thing and keeps us from becoming complacent. It prevents us from just going through the motions.

Who doesn't love a little competition to keep things fun?

These first two ideas complement each other very well.

The last thing I took away from our conversation was to be willing to challenge the way things have always been done. For example, Adam discussed how they constantly try new things to see if there's a better way. He is testing various techniques regarding rimfire irons, and I can't wait to see where that leads.

The willingness to try new things is where breakthroughs occur.

Good luck to all the shooters competing in the RCSA Rimfire World Championships next weekend!

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