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It's 10/22 Weekend!

This Sunday is October 22nd, otherwise known as 10/22 Day among rimfire enthusiasts!

It's a perfect day to gather family and friends and head to the range. It's also a great opportunity to introduce a new shooter or two to the firearms community.

The 2023 RCSA Rimfire World Championships are also taking place this weekend at Cavern Cove Competitive Shooting Range in Woodville, Alabama. A couple of our shooters from Team Volquartsen will be competing and we'll also have staff on-site Friday & Saturday. If you're in the area, this match is filled with talented shooters and is an absolute blast to watch.

The Rimfire Revolution

The Rimfire Revolution - Michael Shea - YouTube

A couple of years back, Scott Volquartsen had the opportunity to interview Michael R. Shea author of The Rimfire Revolution - The Complete Guide to Modern .22 Rifles.

This book might be the most complete resource available on the rimfire cartridge. It covers everything from the history of the rimfire round to the technical side of rimfire and what sort of performance we can expect from today's rimfire. I keep this book in my office for easy reference.

In their conversation, they dive into several topics covered in the book, such as cleaning, long-range rimfire, and some myths surrounding rimfire cartridges. They also discuss who introduced Michael to the outdoor world and how valuable the right mentor can be when being introduced into the shooting and hunting world.

If you're into rimfire, this podcast is a must!

In Case You Missed It - Compact Classic 22 LR Rifles Are In Stock

Classic, 22 LR with Brown/Gray Laminated Thumbhole Silhouette Stock, No Threads

Classic, Compact 22 LR rifles are in stock and ready to ship complete with a Vortex scope.

This complete turn-key configuration features a 16.75" stainless match barrel making it more compact and lighter in the field.

Shorter than our standard bull barrel offerings, this custom run has the accuracy you've come to expect at a very appealing price.

Classic, 22 LR with Brown/Gray Laminated Thumbhole Silhouette Stock, No Threads

Available in four stock options: Blue Ambi Thumbhole, Red Ambi Thumbhole, Brown/Gray Laminated Thumbhole Silhouette, or Brown Laminated Sporter Stock.


  • 16.75" Classic stainless steel match barrel, not threaded
  • Stainless steel receiver
  • Integral 20 MOA Picatinny rail
  • Scope: Vortex Diamondback DBK-04-BDC 4-12x40 with PR1-M rings
  • TG2000 Trigger Group with Rapid Release
  • 2.25 lb. trigger pull weight
  • 22 LR

Note: Other than the stock, no additional customizations can be made.

Check out these in addition to our other in-stock models today!

Have a great 10/22 weekend,

Chad Wittrock
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