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I Don't Shoot My 10/22s Anymore

This past Sunday was 10/22 Day, and an overwhelming number of social media posts came with it. There's a day to honor everything now, but this is one that I can get behind. National Coffee Day is another, but I digress.

As I was scrolling through social media, I came across a few posts to the effect of I don't shoot my 10/22s anymore as they never cycled properly.

10/22 Extended Bolt Handle - Black

It's a narrative that's existed around rimfires for as long as I can remember. The good news is it can be an easy fix with a few simple upgrades.

Our Bolt Tune-up Kit for the 10/22 is the simplest way to address failure-to-fire (FTF) and failure-to-extract (FTE). The kit includes our Exact Edge Extractor and SureStrike Firing Pin - both designed to improve the functioning of your 10/22.

If you want to take your bolt one step further, the Extended Bolt Handle and Recoil Rod & Spring make it even easier. The bolt handle is extended .250" compared to the factory bolt handle. The polished recoil rod provides smoother cycling.

Put the fun back into your rimfire shooting with these easy upgrades.

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