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Are you sure it's threaded?

I-Fluted Barrel with Comp

Are you sure it's threaded?

We have been asked this more than once regarding our compensated rifles. The answer is always yes - if it has a compensator, it features muzzle threads.

We take great pride in trying to eliminate any seam line in the transition from barrel to compensator. Oddly, it brings us satisfaction when a customer disagrees with us that theirs is not threaded and is part of the barrel. If we hear this, it means we did our job.

If I remove the compensator, what thread size is it?

Unfortunately, this answer isn't as straightforward. Until 2015, we used a 13/16-20 TPI on our muzzle threads, and many times, the compensator was installed using red Loctite. It seems foolish now, given the popularity of suppressors, but when those barrels were designed, the suppressor market wasn't what it is today. Admittedly, we should have made this change earlier, but since then, all of our barrels feature 1/2 x 28 threads. This applies to both rifles and pistols.

If you have one of our older barrels with the 13/16-20 thread patterns (or no threads at all) and would like it updated, we can do this for you. We offer this service for both our lightweight and stainless steel bull barrels.

If you have any additional questions, contact us.

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