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As the year is winding down, we wanted to kick off December by sharing a few of our favorite experiences from 2023. Take a look!

Katie Pavlich Builds A Mini Mamba

Preview of: Katie Pavlich Builds A Mini Mamba

As Katie mentions in the video, "I wish people knew more about the process just because you look at the engineering, the kind of work that goes into it, and really the expertise. If someone put all those parts in front of me and told me to put it together, without Courtney's help, there's probably no way that I could have done that."

Witnessing Courtney guide Katie through the build process solidified her nearly 10-year journey within our company. Courtney started part-time with us and has worked her way up from there.

Watch the build process!

Competition Shooting & Gun Culture

Episode 69 - Josh Froelich

For individuals in the firearms community, we enjoy introducing new people to shooting and shooting sports. Josh Froelich joins Scott Volquartsen to discuss how being approachable, checking your ego at the door, and having fun on the range are key ways to continue to grow participation in shooting sports.

Josh dives into his history and how he got started in competitive shooting. He also shares what he does for training, how he's partnered with firearms brands, and some essential tips about mindset.

Also, find out the unique way Josh put himself through college.

Tune in!

Safe Living + Shoot Like A Girl

Episode 68 - Shoot Like A Girl

Over the last year, we've been proud to sponsor Shoot Like A Girl and their latest project, Safe Living. Karen Butler, President of Shoot Like a Girl, and Christa Forrester, Vice President, join Scott Volquartsen to discuss the mission of Shoot Like A Girl and their latest initiative, Safe Living. Shoot Like a Girl empowers women to participate in shooting sports with confidence. They instruct these groups on firearms safety, creating a plan, and building confidence. Safe Living looks to expand the Shoot Like A Girl concept to include men and families.

They travel the country with their mobile range. Those who visit the range will learn about safe, responsible gun ownership, the benefits of firearms, and the positive influence that participation in shooting sports can have on your life. New and experienced shooters are invited to attend.

Learn more!

I hope you have a great weekend,

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