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MK IV Bedding Gel - Installed

Who doesn't like a simple fix? We are just like everybody else and will sometimes overcomplicate what can be a simple solution.

Our new Bedding Gel for the Ruger MK IV might be the simplest yet most effective solution we have ever come up with. You can eliminate any play between your Ruger MK IV frame and upper with this simple, drop-in gel - no tools needed for installation! Check out this short video showing exactly what we are referring to.

MK IV Bedding GelSo what is it?

It is an adhesive-backed gel custom designed for the Ruger MK IV frame. The unique properties of Technogel make it conform to any frame and upper combination and ensures perfect lockup every time you assemble your pistol.

If you are looking to improve the performance of your Ruger MK IV pistol, you need to order yours today.

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