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Bedding Gels for Ruger MK IV

MK IV Bedding Gel
MK IV Bedding Gel - Installed MK IV Bedding Gel

Increase your MK IV's accuracy and reliability with our new MK IV Bedding Gels. This easy to install product eliminates any play between the frame and upper of your MK IV and ensures you get the most from your pistol.

Our MK IV Bedding Gels are an adhesive-backed gel we custom designed for the MK IV frame. The unique properties of Technogel make it conform to any frame and upper combination and ensures perfect lockup every time you assemble your pistol.

Each package contains two Bedding Gels.

Click here to view the installation video.

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  • Fits both the Ruger MK IV and the 22/45 MK IV pistols.
  • Product Number: VC4BG
  • UPC: 810162017446
  • Made in the USA


Complete installation instructions are available online

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