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Hogue Overmolded Stock, Black, 10/22

Hogue Stock

Stocks are constructed by molding a super strong, rigid fiberglass reinforced skeleton, or insert, that precisely fits the long gun’s action. This rigid skeleton is then OverMolded with a durable, but soft, synthetic elastomer (rubber). During the heat and extreme pressure of injection molding, the elastomer adheres chemically as well as mechanically to the skeleton, resulting in a permanent bond between the rubber and the insert. The super strong skeleton gives the stock its strength. The precise molded dimensions provide a perfect drop-in fit of your rifle.

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Product Number VCHST‑B‑10
Approximate weight 1lb 15oz
UPC 810162011659
Length of Pull 13.75"


Color Black
Rifle 10/22
  • 13.75" LOP
  • 0.75" drop at comb
  • 1" drop at heel

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