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Installation and How To Videos

Removing A 10/22® Barrel From The Receiver

The process of removing a 10/22® barrel from the receiver.

Removal of the Extractor and Firing Pin from our 10/22® Competition Bolt

Learn how to remove and replace the Extractor and Firing Pin in our 10/22® Competition Bolt.

Installation of the Striplin Thumbrest on the Black Mamba

Often referred to as the "gas pedal", a thumbrest is a great addition to your Black Mamba or Ruger® MK IV™ pistol.

Installation of the Competition Bolt for the Ruger® 10/22®

Installation of the Volquartsen Competition Bolt for the Ruger® 10/22®.

Adjustment and Removal of the Target Rear Sight

Addressing some of the most common asked questions regarding adjustment of our Target Rear Sight.

Installation of the HP Action Kit and HP Action Kit Plus

Installing our HP Action Kit and HP Action Kit Plus into your factory 10/22™ trigger guard.

Installation of the Target Hammer for the Ruger® PC Carbine™/PC Charger™

Installing the Target Hammer in your Ruger® PC Carbine™ or PC Charger™

Installation of a Volquartsen Aftermarket Barrel Into A 10/22® Receiver

The installation process and the tools required to install one of our aftermarket barrels into your 10/22® receiver.

Using Leverage To Remove And Reinstall Compensator

We look at how to utilize leverage with your comp wrench to remove or reinstall the compensator on your Black Mamba, Scorpion, or LLV pi

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