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Video Library


Katie Pavlich Builds A Mini Mamba

We have worked with Katie for many years, and while she has had the opportunity to shoot our firearms, she never had the chance to be on the other side of it, assembling a Mini Mamba pistol from start to finish.

Thin Air | Deep Water - WinterStrong 2022 Highlights

In February of 2022 we had the privilege to join the Sorinex team for their 4th annual WinterStrong event in South Carolina.

IV8888 Range Day 2022

We traveled to Martin, GA for the 10th Annual IV8888 Range Day!

Why I Shoot 22 - Kolby Pavlock

Kolby Pavlock gives us some quick insight into why he enjoys shooting 22 LR.

Installation and How To

Installation of the Posi-Lock Bolt Latch For MKII & MKIII

Is your Ruger MKII or MKIII pistol's bolt not locking back after the last round? Our Posi-Lock Bolt Latch is designed to withstand even the most demanding shooter. Manufactured from hardened A2 tool steel this latch contacts the bolt in a more effective way in order to ensure the bolt locks open on each and every empty magazine. It's important to note, our Posi-Lock Bolt Latch is not compatible with the 22/45 models.

Replacing the Firing Pin and Extractor on the Summit Bolt

Replacing the Firing Pin and Extractor on the Summit rifle bolt.

Adjusting The Pretravel & Overtravel On The TG2000 Trigger Group

How to adjust the pretravel and overtravel on your TG2000 Trigger Group.

Installation of the TG2000 Rapid Release

Our TG2000 Rapid Release allows you to change magazines quickly while maintaining your grip on your rifle.

Product Information

TG2000 Rapid Release Overview

The TG2000 Rapid Release is a magazine release that allows you to change magazines quickly while maintaining your grip on your rifle. This is done by utilizing two paddle release buttons that extend downward from the main magazine release. These paddles can be removed using the included hex key, or both can be kept on for ambidexterity.

Volquartsen 22 LR Rifle w/ Open Sights

This rifle is designed for every shooter!

Open Sight Lightweight Carbon Fiber Barrel

An overview of our Open Sight Lightweight Carbon Fiber Barrel for the 10/22®.

Choosing Your Stock

Kolby Pavlock covers the basic things you should consider when choosing a stock.

Shooting Tips

Quick Tips - A Drill For Finding The Dot

Do you struggle to find the dot in the sight? Scott Volquartsen shares an easy drill, you can practice at home, to make picking up the dot easier and more consistent. This drill requires no special equipment, just a sticky note or paper and some tape.

Transitioning From Iron Sights To Red Dots

Are you considering the switch from shooting iron sights to red dots?

Offseason Maintenance, Tips, & Tricks

Kolby Pavlock discusses offseason maintenance you can perform to both your rifle and pistol.

What's In Your Range Bag?

Team Volquartsen shooter Kolby Pavlock dives into his range bag and provides insights into the key items you'll want in your range bag.

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