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Video Library


The ENV 22 LR Pistol

Perfect for a fun day at the range, this versatile pistol is red dot ready with a receiver that is drilled and tapped for most popular red dots. This allows you to keep the red dot as close to the bore-axis as possible. The barreled action is then fit into an ODIN Chassis System that offers compact versatility for the 10/22® platform.

It incorporates all the current AR-15 attachment standards for a new level of function. Available in a 6" ENV-6 or 9" ENV-9 barrel configuration. Both barrel lengths are threaded 1/2 x 28 for the addition of a suppressor or compensator.

Being Present w/ Bullet Valentina Shevchenko

Go beyond the octagon with Bullet Valentina Shevchenko, UFC Women's Flyweight Champion.

Meet Nate Gibson - Team Volquartsen

We sit down with the 2019 RCSA Rimfire World Champion, Nate Gibson to discuss his entry into the shooting sports and more!

Meet Kolby Pavlock - Team Volquartsen

We sit down with 4x RCSA World Rimfire Champion, Kolby Pavlock to discuss his practice routine and more!

Installation and How To

Removing A 10/22® Barrel From The Receiver

Follow these instructions when removing a 10/22® barrel from the receiver. This process applies whether you're removing a factory Ruger® barrel from a factory receiver or our aftermarket barrel from our aftermarket receiver.

Removal of the Extractor and Firing Pin from our 10/22® Competition Bolt

Learn how to remove and replace the Extractor and Firing Pin in our 10/22® Competition Bolt.

Installation of the Striplin Thumbrest on the Black Mamba

Often referred to as the "gas pedal", a thumbrest is a great addition to your Black Mamba or Ruger® MK IV™ pistol.

Installation of the Competition Bolt for the Ruger® 10/22®

Installation of the Volquartsen Competition Bolt for the Ruger® 10/22®.

Product Information

Lightweight Barrel for the M&P 15-22 Pistol

Our Lightweight Barrel for the M&P 15-22 pistol sets the standard for what a lightweight barrel should be. It features a sleeve that is used to create tension on the barrel itself. This unique design eliminates issues typically found in smaller barrel profiles. The THM tension barrel consists of a special taper honed match barrel and chamber. This is the ultimate lightweight barrel.

Also included is our SureStrike Firing Pin and Exact Edge Extractor as well as the wrench required to remove and install the barrel.

A Closer Look At The VF-ORYX

We take a closer look at the VF-ORYX 22 LR rifle. The VF-ORYX is the ultimate precision semi-auto 22 LR.

Features of the Volquartsen Magazine Base Pads for the Ruger® MK IV™

Here we take a look at the Volquartsen Magazine Base Pads for the Ruger® MK IV™ and Black Mamba-TF.

22Plinkster Discusses the Summit Rifle

Watch as 22Plinkster sends some rounds downrange with the Summit straight-pull bolt action rifle.

Shooting Tips

Iron Sights and Red Dots - Common Questions

Iron sights or a red dot? What's the correct placement for my red dot? Scott Volquartsen and Kolby Pavlock dive into these questions and more as they discuss pistol sights and optics. Kolby also offers some helpful tips for finding the dot as well as what size dot he recommends.

Quick Tips - Improving Your Stance When Shooting A Rifle

Instructor KC Eusebio will instruct you on utilizing the proper lower body stance when you're shooting a rifle.

Quick Tips - How To Handle Aggressive Transitions With KC Eusebio

Instructor KC Eusebio instructs you how to handle aggressive transitions with a Volquartsen 22LR semi-automatic rifle.

Quick Tips - Trigger Control On A Pistol with KC Eusebio

Instructor KC Eusebio instructs you on the importance of trigger control with his Volquartsen Scorpion 22LR pistol.

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