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Video Library


Being Present w/ Bullet Valentina Shevchenko
Go beyond the octagon with Bullet Valentina Shevchenko, UFC Women's Flyweight Champion. She and Scott Volquartsen discuss how being present but aware of the future is such a critical part of her success. They look at how approaching everything with the utmost focus can be a key component in living life to the fullest. Valentina breaks down her passion for boating, her love of cooking, as well as her ongoing firearms training.
Meet Nate Gibson - Team Volquartsen

We sit down with the 2019 RCSA Rimfire World Champion, Nate Gibson to discuss his entry into the shooting sports and more!

Meet Kolby Pavlock - Team Volquartsen

We sit down with 4x RCSA World Rimfire Champion, Kolby Pavlock to discuss his practice routine and more!

Fighters & Firearms - A Day at the Range [Teaser]

We had the pleasure of partnering with several other companies to host a day at the range for some select fighters from the UFC.

Installation and How To

Removal of the Extractor and Firing Pin from our 10/22® Competition Bolt
Learn how to remove and replace the Extractor and Firing Pin in our 10/22® Competition Bolt. This can be a necessary process for cleaning or maintenance on your Competition Bolt. Our complete CNC-machined Competition Bolt features our hardened and tuned extractor for positive, consistent extraction. It also includes our round titanium firing pin. This round design eliminates the unnecessary movement found on most 10/22® firing pins. The CNC-machining process allows us to hold the head spacing to exact dimensions eliminating the need to have your factory bolt reworked. Case hardened and then treated with DLC
Installation of the Striplin Thumbrest on the Black Mamba

Often referred to as the "gas pedal", a thumbrest is a great addition to your Black Mamba or Ruger® MK IV™ pistol.

Installation of the Competition Bolt for the Ruger® 10/22®

Installation of the Volquartsen Competition Bolt for the Ruger® 10/22®.

Adjustment and Removal of the Target Rear Sight

Addressing some of the most common asked questions regarding adjustment of our Target Rear Sight.

Product Information

A Closer Look At The VF-ORYX
We take a closer look at the VF-ORYX 22 LR rifle. The VF-ORYX is the ultimate precision semi-auto 22 LR. It starts with a CNC-machined stainless steel receiver. This receiver features an integral 20 MOA rail making it ideal for long-range 22 LR shooting. The Snake Fluted Barrel is threaded into the receiver increasing rigidity between barrel and action. As with all of our rifles, it features CNC-machined and wire-EDM components as we feel this is essential in building the best semi-auto rimfire rifle available. The CNC-machined bolt includes a titanium round firing pin and tuned extractor for improved performance and function. The VF-ORYX is set into the ORYX Chassis from MDT - perfect when shooting from the bench, a bipod, or a prone position!
Features of the Volquartsen Magazine Base Pads for the Ruger® MK IV™

Here we take a look at the Volquartsen Magazine Base Pads for the Ruger® MK IV™ and Black Mamba-TF.

22Plinkster Discusses the Summit Rifle

Watch as 22Plinkster sends some rounds downrange with the Summit straight-pull bolt action rifle.

22 Plinkster Discusses the Volquartsen Scorpion

Renowned trick shooter, YouTube personality, and .22 expert, 22Plinkster discusses the features of the Volquartsen Scorpion 22 LR pistol.

Shooting Tips

Quick Tips - Improving Your Stance When Shooting A Rifle
In this Quick Tips video, Team Volquartsen shooter and firearms training instructor KC Eusebio, with his Volquartsen 22LR semi-automatic rifle, will instruct you on utilizing the proper lower body stance when you're shooting a rifle. These tips are especially important if you're a competitive shooter. To find out which stance to avoid and how to use your rear foot to absorb recoil, check out this video.
Quick Tips - How To Handle Aggressive Transitions With KC Eusebio

Instructor KC Eusebio instructs you how to handle aggressive transitions with a Volquartsen 22LR semi-automatic rifle.

Quick Tips - Trigger Control On A Pistol with KC Eusebio

Instructor KC Eusebio instructs you on the importance of trigger control with his Volquartsen Scorpion 22LR pistol.

Quick Tips - How To Grip A Pistol with KC Eusebio

Instructor KC Eusebio instructs you how to grip the Volquartsen Scorpion 22LR pistol.

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