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No Excuse To Miss

The No Excuse To Miss Podcast

The No Excuse to Miss Podcast aims to share the stories of incredible individuals who strive for excellence as an essential part of their lives. We seek out the defining moments, decisions, and takeaways that are applicable to the lives of others.

The No Excuse To Miss podcast can be found on most streaming platforms including:

Recent Episodes

27. Overcoming Complacency w/ Scott Volquartsen
It's good to have big visions of where we see ourselves and the direction we want to go, but it can seem daunting figuring out how to get there. Scott Volquartsen is joined by Chad Wittrock and they discuss how it's easy to fall into the trap known as...

26. Branding & Blades w/ Brandon Horoho
In this episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott welcomes Brandon Horoho. Brandon shares a little bit of his past working with marketing, creativity work, branding, and photography. Even though paid marketing and advertising on social media is...

25. Being True To Yourself w/ Katie Pavlich
In this episode of the No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott welcomes Katie Pavlich to talk about her background as a journalist, her thoughts about the digital era we are living in, the firearms industry, and her routine as a media personality who’s...

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