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Accessing Our Media

Volquartsen dealers and media members are encouraged to use any of our media assets.

Our logo and lifestyle images are available for download from our Branding Page.

High-resolution product imagery is available by exploring the links to the right of this page. Additionally, when logged in as a dealer account, there is a link at the end of each product's specs to download photos.

Who We Are

Engineering the World's Finest Rimfires

Volquartsen Firearms engineers the world's finest rimfire rifles, pistols and parts. We recognize that "handcrafted" doesn't always mean "well-crafted", and that "Made in the USA" doesn't always equate to quality. It's why we're proud our guns and parts are designed and engineered to the highest standards, in Carroll, IA — using only the best possible materials and technologies.

Our Mission

Build Firearms Worthy of Those Who Use Them

Build it Better. We manufacture every firearm and accessory using only the highest quality materials and production methods, ranging from time-honored hand tooling techniques to custom in-house CNC and EDM precision-built technology. Every gun we build is assembled from start to finish by a single technician who also test fires each gun before it's ready to ship. All of our firearms include a certificate of authenticity signed by the technician who assembled your gun.

Each product is a promise - and we take that very seriously.

Our Story

A Different Line of Sight Since 1974

We believe that no one needs another standard anything. As second generation Volquartsens, we're programmed to hold ourselves to a higher standard. To tenaciously push forward with an unwavering persistence. Read the rest of our story.









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