International Sales

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer direct retail sales to customers located outside the United States. We are working to expanding the availability of our product in international markets at the wholesale level. If you are a dealer or wholesaler interested in becoming an international Volquartsen signature dealer please contact

Distribution through Brownells

Brownells offers retail distribution of our accessories in over nine countries, and distribution to dealers in over 35. For more information, visit:

International Signature Dealers

These signature_dealers carry various parts of our catalog.

Sylvestre Source for Sports
4808-50 Ave, Box 5097
Bonnyville Alberta, Canada
T9N 2G3
780-826-4458 (phone)
Cleaver Firearms
27 Beaconsfield Street
Margate QLD 4019
South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies
Roger Francis
Everill Gate Farm
Barnsley, S73 0YQ
Dhaevesr Firearms LTD, Part
3/4 Unakarn Road, Wangburapha Phirom
Phrana Korn, Bangkok 10200
+66 2 621 2096 (phone)
+66 2 621 2099 (fax)
Austria Arms
2232 Deutsch-Wagram
Stockade Products
Essex, CO7 0JS
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