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Volquartsen News

Mini Mamba

Disproving a Rimfire Myth

2024-05-02 by Chad Wittrock
Shooting suppressed rimfire firearms is about as fun as it gets. However, it usually comes with a disclaimer - it’s fun but dirty.

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Performance Bundle for M&P 15-22

New! Performance Bundle for the M&P 15-22

2024-04-25 by Chad Wittrock
This bundle is truly a game-changer when it comes to the M&P 15-22.

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Tungsten Cerakote Mini Mamba

NEW! Tungsten Mini Mamba

2024-04-18 by Chad Wittrock
Our NEW Tungsten Mini Mamba is available now!

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Your Accurizing Kit questions answered.

2024-04-09 by Chad Wittrock
As the number of models available from Ruger increases, so does the number of questions we receive on whether or not our kit fits.

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M&P 15-22 Bolt V-flat

Competition Bolt for the M&P 15-22

2024-03-28 by Chad Wittrock

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TG2000 with Rapid Release, Orange, 10/22

Limited Release! Orange TG2000 Trigger Groups

2024-03-12 by Chad Wittrock
We're excited to offer this limited release of orange TG2000s.

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Competition Pistol Bolt - Narrow Recoil Rod Slot Wide

Discounted Price! Pistol Competition Bolts

2024-02-28 by Chad Wittrock
Here's your chance to upgrade to our pistol Competition Bolt at a discounted price!

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Rapid Release lifestyle 01

Make Mag Changes A Breeze!

2024-01-29 by Chad Wittrock
Make magazine changes a breeze with our Rapid Release for our TG2000 and TGS trigger groups!

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10/22 HP Action Kit

HP Action Kits Are Back!

2024-01-22 by Chad Wittrock
Improve the trigger pull on your 10/22! Our HP Action Kit is the ultimate high-performance upgrade for your factory 10/22 trigger group. This kit will reduce the trigger pull of your 10/22™ down to between 2 and 2.25 lbs!

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Gold 10/22 Bolt

Gold Competition Bolts for the 10/22 are back!

2024-01-09 by Chad Wittrock
Are you looking to improve the performance of your Ruger 10/22 and add a little flare? The Competition Bolt for the Ruger 10/22 in a gold finish is what you've been looking for!

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