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Volquartsen News

Preview of: Which Pistol Is Right For You?

Choosing A Pistol

2022-06-23 by Chad Wittrock
We look at the many similarities as well as the differences between the common Black Mamba and the Scorpion models.

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Volquartsen Classic Pistol Volthane Grips

The Volquartsen Classic 22 LR Pistol Is Back!

2022-06-09 by Chad Wittrock
Are you into bullseye target shooting? If so, take a look at our new Classic 22 Target Pistol!

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Firearms Policy Coalition Auction Mini Mamba

Auction To Benefit Firearms Policy Coalition

2022-05-25 by Chad Wittrock
This Battleworn Mini Mamba-TF is the first of its kind. The proceeds from this auction will benefit Firearms Policy Coalition - FPC.

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Laminated Sporter Stock for Volquartsen 17 WSM

Now On Clearance! Ruger® Uppers, Volquartsen WSM Stocks, and more!

2022-05-10 by Chad Wittrock
Ruger Uppers®, Volquartsen WSM stocks (very limited), and more!

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Team Volquartsen Kicks Off The 2022 Season

2022-05-06 by Chad Wittrock

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Nate Gibson World Speed 2021

It'd Be Great To See You!

2022-04-19 by Chad Wittrock
Spring is in the air here in Iowa and we're excited to be a part of some incredible events over the next few weeks.

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LLV4 Mini Upper Mini Mamba

Mini Mamba Uppers Are Back In Stock!

2022-04-06 by Chad Wittrock
If you have a Ruger MK IV or MK IV 22/45 and are looking for the perfect suppressor host the LLV-4 Mini Upper is your answer.

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No Excuse To Miss Buck Episode 40 Wide

Always Be Willing To Learn

2022-03-31 by Chad Wittrock
How many times have you heard somebody on a range say, "Yeah, but it has always worked for me?" I always attribute that to how many of us were taught to shoot.

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Preview of: Grip & Trigger Tips For Shooting Your Pistol

Grip and Trigger Tips!

2022-03-25 by Chad Wittrock
Are you looking to become more consistent and improve your accuracy? It’s safe to say we are always looking for these two things at the range, so what are some simple adjustments you can make?

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Holster Kolby Range

Our Holster Line Is Expanding!

2022-03-16 by Chad Wittrock
We're excited to now offer a holster for our Mini Mamba pistol as well as left-handed versions for our other pistol models! Produced by L.A.G. Tactical and designed similar to our Scorpion and Black Mamba Holsters.

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