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Deluxe with McMillan Stock

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22 WMR Rifle

The Deluxe is a semi-auto tack driver.

A straight fluted stainless steel barrel is standard on the Deluxe model. This barrel comes complete with a removable 32 Hole Compensator installed. The fluting will help remove weight and dissipate heat faster. The 32 Hole Compensator is designed to get you back on your second shot faster.

It has always been our goal to achieve bolt action accuracy from a semi-auto and this begins with the barrel. Our stainless steel barrels feature match bore and chamber tolerances. These dimensions are proprietary to Volquartsen and have evolved from over 25 years of testing. Digital gauging equipment ensures that each barrel meets our stringent criteria.


  • Stainless steel CNC-machined receiver
  • .920” stainless steel bull barrel threaded into receiver
  • Straight fluting
  • 32 Hole Compensator (removable)
  • TG2000 installed providing a crisp, clean trigger pull
  • Integral Picatinny rail
  • Muzzle threaded 1/2 x 28

  • Stainless steel receiver with threaded in barrel
  • 2.25 lb trigger pull
  • Integral Picatinny rail
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