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Install Accurizing Kit or Pistol Competition Kit

MK IV Frame

The design of your Ruger pistol makes it easier than ever to send us the lower frame for installation of our Accurizing Kit or Pistol Competition Kit.

You can either send us your Accurizing Kit (or other internal parts) with your frame, or purchase an Accurizing Kit when you order this service. If you purchase an Accurizing Kit with this service, we will hold onto that kit until we receive your frame for installation.

If you've got a Ruger frame that's been taken apart and you need help reassembling it, you can also utilize this service to get it back in working order.

Simply remove your frame from the upper and send it in to our expert gunsmiths. If you're having the Pistol Competition Kit installed, also include your bolt. Please do not include the upper receiver and barrel assembly when sending us your parts.

As an added bonus, all frames will be cleaned in our ultrasonic cleaner before they are returned.

We will be in touch with instructions when your order is processed.

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Product Number VC4AK‑Install
  • If you are sending the frame only you can ship USPS, UPS or Fed Ex Ground Services. Overnight shipping is not required on the frame only.
  • It will be returned to via UPS Ground (shipping not included).
  • Current turnaround time is 5-7 business days.
  • Made in the USA

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