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Installation of Target Hammer for 10/22

Before We Begin


  • Always make sure the firearm is unloaded before performing any work it!
  • Remove all ammunition from the work area before working on any firearms.
  • Always wear safety glasses when performing any work on a firearm.

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Tools Needed

  • Screwdriver or hex key, as appropriate, to remove take down action screw from stock
  • 1/8" pin punch


Step 1 - Remove Stock

  • Make sure the firearm is unloaded and uncocked.
  • Remove the take down action screw (B-65) and barrel band (B-68), if applicable.
  • Remove the stock from the barreled action.

Step 2 - Remove Trigger Group

  • Drift out the two receiver cross pins (B-5) using the 1/8" pin punch.
  • Remove the trigger group (B-2) from the receiver.

Step 3 - Disassembly Trigger Group

  • Remove the hammer strut (B-18) from the back of the factory hammer (B-17) by pulling up and forward.
  • Drift out the hammer pin (B-19) and remove the hammer (B-17) with bushings (B-43) and bolt lock spring (B-42).
  • Drift trigger pivot pin (B-21) out and remove trigger (B-20), sear (B-23), sear spring (B-24), disconnector (B-25), trigger plunger (B-39), and plunger spring (B-40).


Step 4 - Assemble Trigger Group

  • Place the trigger plunger spring on the trigger plunger and insert into hole in the trigger guard. This will be held in place by the trigger assembly.
  • Place the sear spring into the hole on the top of the sear and then take sear and spring and place it in trigger and disconnector assembly (there is a small recessed area in the disconnector for the sear spring) and hold in place by the small assembly pin (included). Insert this complete assembly into the trigger guard and insert trigger pin (this will drift out the assembly pin).
  • Place the two factory bushings into the Volquartsen hammer. With the hammer notch facing down and away, place the bolt lock spring on the right side of the hammer. Make sure that the dogleg arm of the spring is down.
  • With the hammer still facing down, insert into trigger group and hold in place using the hammer pin. Be sure that the safety is in the "fire" position to allow the hammer to be lined up.
  • Drift pin (B-35, the top one) 1/4" right to left and place the staright arm of the bolt lock spring under this pin. The dogleg of the bolt lock spring should be lying in the notch of the bolt lock (B-41).
  • Replace the factory hammer spring by removing clip. Always wear safety glasses when working with this spring. Install the Volquartsen spring by depressing spring on strut and reinsert clip.
  • Insert hammer strut into trigger group by placing the clip end up in the trigger group and the ball end into the back of the hammer. Round off the ball end of the strut. This surface needs to be round and smooth in order to achieve an optimum trigger pull.

Step 5 - Install Trigger Group

  • Insert the trigger group into the receiver and insert receiver pins to hold in place.
  • Place the barreled action back into the stock.
  • Reinstall and tighten the take down action screw and barrel band (if applicable).

Safety Check


  • Keep all lubricants clear of the hammer notch and the sear face.
  • Check for proper functioning of the safety (B-52) before firing. If for any reason, the safety is not working properly, DO NOT USE THIS KIT IN YOUR FIREARM.
  • Do not under any circumstances alter any parts in this kit. Doing so will void the warranty and can be extemely dangerous and even fatal.

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