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Installation of Exact Edge Extractor & Holder for the CZ 457

Before We Begin


  • Always make sure the firearm is unloaded before performing any work it!
  • Remove all ammunition from the work area before working on any firearms.
  • Always wear safety glasses when performing any work on a firearm.

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Video Instructions

The Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor and Holder for CZ 457 enhance the reliability and performance of your CZ 457. It's engineered to deliver reliable extraction, ensuring smooth and consistent ejection of spent casings. The Exact Edge Extractor and Holder are also compatible with the CZ 452/453/455 models.

Tools Needed


Use the pick to gently pry out the extractor spring. Use your other hand to lightly hold the other end of the extractor spring while you remove it.

The factory extractor and holder should now slide out freely.


Install the new extractor and holder into the bolt.

Note: make sure the extractor is installed on the same side of the bolt as the bolt handle.

While holding the extractor and holder in the bolt, hook the extractor spring on the holder and then pull it around to the extractor. Use the pick to pull the spring the rest of the way over the extractor.

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