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Installation of the Volquartsen Bolt Tune-Up Kit For The Ruger® MK™ Series

Before We Begin


  • Always make sure the firearm is unloaded before performing any work it!
  • Remove all ammunition from the work area before working on any firearms.
  • Always wear safety glasses when performing any work on a firearm.

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Video Instructions

Installing our Volquartsen Bolt Tune-Up Kit for the Ruger® MKI™, MKII™, MKIII™, and MK IV™ (also includes the 22/45™ models) target pistols. This kit contains our Exact Edge Extractor and our SureStrike Firing Pin.

This kit will eliminate light strikes and assist in consistent functioning.

Tools Needed

  • 1/8" punch
  • Rubber mallet
  • A small pick

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