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Shim Adjustment for VF Target Frames

Before We Begin


  • Always make sure the firearm is unloaded before performing any work it!
  • Remove all ammunition from the work area before working on any firearms.
  • Always wear safety glasses when performing any work on a firearm.

Video Instructions

A look at the shim in the VF Target Frame and how it affects the fitment of the upper receiver. VF Target Frames ship with this shim already installed. This allows for a snug fit with our upper receivers. If you are using a VF Target frame with another manufacturer's upper, this shim may need to be removed to achieve a tight fit.

Replacement shims are also available.

Tools Needed

  • 3/32 Hex key (Allen wrench)
  • Needle nose pliers

Step 1 - Inspect Frame

Before we begin, take note of how the Frame Recoil Lug fits into the front of the frame. If your frame is a target model, there's a spring and plunger installed in the Frame Recoil Lug that engages the Bolt Stop. Make note of how these parts fit together and consider taking a picture of your specific pistol.

Step 2 - Remove Recoil Lug

Use the hex key to remove the Frame Recoil Lug at the front of the pistol.

Note: If you're working on a target-style frame, there's a spring and plunger in the rear of the locking lug. Be careful while removing the lug not to lose these pieces.

If the locking lug is tight, use needle nose pliers to carefully pull it out.

The Frame Recoil Lug can be removed by pulling it straight out of the frame.

Step 3 - Setup Shims

Remove (or install) the shim that was below the Frame Recoil Lug. Removing the shim will make the upper fit tighter to the frame. Adding a shim will make the upper fit more loosely to the frame.

Note: The slot in the shim should be offset to the right side of the frame.

Step 4 - Reinstall Lug

Place the Frame Recoil Lug back into the frame, then secure it with the screw removed in Step 1. We recommend tightening the screw to 20 inch lbs of torque.

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