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How to Use a Volquartsen Lead Pulverizer

Before We Begin


  • Always make sure the firearm is unloaded before performing any work it!
  • Remove all ammunition from the work area before working on any firearms.
  • Always wear safety glasses when performing any work on a firearm.

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Video Instructions

Watch the Lead Pulverizer make quick work of lead and residue build up in the LLV, Black Mamba, or Scorpion compensator.

One of the most difficult parts to clean is the compensator. To assist with this task we've developed a new tool called the Lead Pulverizer. In this video you'll see how efficiently the Lead Pulverizer works to clean your compensator as well as how to use it.

Tools Needed

  • 1/16" Allen Wrench
  • Rubber mallet


Step 1

Remove the compensator from your pistol.

Step 2

Remove the knurled ring from your compensator.

Most of our compensators utilize 4 set screws to retain the knurled ring. For those compensators, use the 1/16" allen wrench to remove the set screws.

Older compensators utilize 3 dowel pins. The dowel pins can be removed by tapping on the face of the compensator with the dowel pin holes with a rubber mallet.

Step 3

Insert the Lead Pulverizer into the rear of the compensator and turn it to remove the lead. Continue turning the Lead Pulverizer until all build up is removed.

It may be helpful to wear heavy gloves while performing this step in order to obtain a better grip on the compensator.

step 4

Reinstall the knurled ring and then reinstall either the dowel pins or set screws, as appropriate, to retain it. One side of the knurled ring has a groove in it. This side must be facing the retaining screws or pins.

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