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Magazine Follower Button for Ruger Pistols, 10 Pack

10 Mag Buttons

Have a sluggish MKII, MKIII, MK IV, or 22/45 Ruger magazine? Chances are the spring is fine but the actual culprit is the metal on metal contact of the magazine button.

Not only does this make magazines hard to load but it can also cause feeding problems by allowing the round to hang up before the bolt closes. If your magazine has a gritty and rough feeling when loading, we suggest using our Magazine Follower Button for incredibly smooth operation. Our button is knurled for easy gripping but more importantly, it eliminates the metal on metal contact providing easy loading and trouble free feeding.

$21 Add to Cart
Clearance Items Available! We have a limited stock of this item available on clearance.

These clearance buttons are new stock but come with a different knurling pattern than we are currently using.

$13 Buy clearance item now!


  • 10 Pack


Product Number VC3FB‑10
UPC 810162014421
  • Case hardened
  • CNC-machined
  • Made in the USA

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