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Replace Threaded Inserts for MK IV 22/45 Grip Screws

MK IV Steel Grip Inserts Bushings
MK IV Steel Grip Inserts Bushings
Threaded Inserts Services 2023

These threaded inserts replace the brass threaded inserts in Ruger MK IV 22/45 frames. If your brass threaded inserts have become worn or stripped as a result of grip changes, these inserts are the perfect fix.

This service includes both the threaded inserts and the service to have our technicians install them in your frame.

If you'd like to have your gunsmith install these for you, we sell the inserts separately

$40 Add to Cart


Product Number VF4GTI‑INS
  • Steel inserts
  • Includes all 4 inserts
  • Made in the USA

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