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13. Never Stop Learning w/Austin Weiss

There is no adversity in life that can overcome persistence. When we are determined to accomplish something and committed to make it happen no matter what; there is absolutely no obstacle life can throw at us that can get in the way. Persistence, tenacity and resolution are some of the words that guided Austin Weiss his whole life, not only on his entrepreneurial journey, but also in his personal life.

In this week’s episode of No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott talks with Austin about how being persistent in many areas of life allowed him to be where he is today. Austin shares a whole lot about his businesses, his entrepreneurial side, how he envisions new projects and new opportunities, and why the concept of ‘never stop learning’ is something that, in his opinion, everyone should adopt. Tune in to know more!

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Instagram: @austinweiss

Business IGs: @GrindHardAmmo | @grindhardgarage

Website: grindhardammo.com (Code: GRATEFUL to get discounts!)

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