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28. Putting in the Work w/Don Varady

In this episode of No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott welcomes Don Varady. Don talks a lot about bodybuilding, how he started with bodybuilding, how he was able to overcome injuries, and how he sees the sport as of today. According to Don, bodybuilding is very contrasting from what it used to be, and Don believes this is the result of social media’s influence both on the athletes and on the best practices of succeeding at it. 

In addition, Scott and Don discuss Don’s difficulties and challenges building his business. Clean Eatz now has different locations and it’s a successful franchise but back when everything started, Don had to battle to keep the company going. So many people that start a business eventually give up after 2 years which is actually the one thing Don didn’t do so he explains the mindset behind this journey. Tune in!

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Instagram: @donvarady 

Instagram: @cleaneatzlife

Website: www.cleaneatz.com

Website: www.cleaneatzkitchen.com

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