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30. Small Steps Big Changes w/Brian Pannuzzo

In order to change (leaving behind who we are and start being who we want to be) we first need to have courage. Courage to take a leap of faith and leave the current job, courage to start making healthy choices in the kitchen, courage to dive deep into a side hustle, and courage to face the challenges of changing. But one thing remains true on all of these examples: it all starts with small steps.

In this episode of No Excuse to Miss Podcast, Scott welcomes Brian Pannuzzo. Brian is a health coach who works with men wanting to get the body they desire, improve their relationships, and make more money. Brian talks about the importance of taking small steps, day after day, to make a significant change – in all areas of life. With a Wall Street background, Brian explains how he was able to take this leap of faith, switch careers, and more importantly, have the courage to finally change. Tune in!

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