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In April of 2022 Team Volquartsen traveled to Talladega, AL to compete in the 2022 Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships. There was instant excitement on day one when Team Volquartsen shooter Nate Gibson set a new world record in rimfire rifle optics (RFRO) which was then beat by the talented Kenshiro Nagata with his Volquartsen Ultralite rifle.

One of our newest team members, Kylie Wells broke the ladies world record in rimfire pistol optics (RFPO) and rimfire pistol irons (RFPI) setting and several stage records along the way. She placed third overall in the match in Ladies rifle and first in Ladies pistol. Other key finishes include a second place finish by Nate Gibson in rifle, a fourth place finish by Kolby Pavlock in pistol, a fifth place showing by Rick Busch in the Senior category, top 10 finishes in the rifle divisions by Cole Busch, and a top 20 finishes by Brice Jones in the rifle divisions.

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